Effective, Affordable Sales Tools
You have multiple resellers covering the same territory
You sometimes find that price pressures turn out to be two or more of your resellers competing and driving your price down
Your resellers are reluctant to spend the time to "Design In" in your product up front for fear they will lose the business to another reseller at time of production
You've seen the need for your resellers to be able to document their design efforts so you can give credit where credit is due
You've tried using the NEDA Excel form but ended up with a pile of papers and emails with no way to manage them
You've looked into custom solutions but the cost is prohibitive
A system that manages the design tracking process from concept to design win
A system that allows any reseller to easily enter a registration for supplier approval
A system that provides real-time email notifications of approvals, rejections and actions required
A system that makes it EASY to motivate your channel to do the long hard work from first design to PO and gives credit where credit is due
A system with a low cost of implementation and no installation required
A system that is hosted and maintained FOR you. No new equipment required
A system that allows your resellers to sign up for your company's Email Broadcast list to keep up with current product news
Cloud Based System
Exclusive domain with private database and users
Daily backups
24/7 access for all users worldwide
Instant Email Notification
New registrations
Approval required
Registration accepted/rejected
Embedded email links for all key owners
Six User Levels
Reseller – Create, view and edit registrations
Reseller Branch Manager – Create, view and edit all registrations created at their branch location
Reseller Corporate Manager – Create, view and edit registrations including all branch locations in their organization
Approval Level 1 – First of three available approval levels. First to review and approve any incoming registration
Approval Level 2 – Second in line for registration approval (optional)
Approval Level 3 – Third in line for registration approval (optional)
Easily Enter and Edit Registration Information
Captures all key information for a design
Allows internal users to enter registrations on behalf of resellers
Retreives past data for fast data entry
Limits editing capability based on approval status
Tracks project status from concept to win
Automatically adds time stamped comments for major events
Flexible Part Number System
Fixed selection of registrable parts for users to choose
Free form part number entry. Editable by users and at each step of the approval process
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Flexible Approval Process
One, two or three review levels required for approval
Fully customizable role names
Regional Sales Manager
Manufacturers Rep -> Area Sales Manager
Regional Sales Manager -> Vice President, Sales
Manufacturers Rep -> Area Sales Manager -> Vice President, Distribution
Regional Sales Manager -> Distribution Sales Manager -> Vice President, Sales
Update pricing and part number(s) easily
Allow/Restrict editing by Approval Level
Automatic email links for all registration owners allows easy communication between users
Internal notes visible to Approval Users only
Email notification of soon to expire registrations
Complete Admin override of the whole approval process
Microsoft Excel Download
Download registration information directly into Microsoft Excel
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Fast and Easy Setup
Customizable color schemes
Import existing registrations from many formats
You can be up and running in as little as 24 hours
Sign up today and be promoting to your resellers tomorrow!
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