Effective, Affordable Sales Tools
Your company has multiple sales people quoting in multiple regions using their own desktop tools
You spend too much time searching through files on your computer or network trying to find that last quote you provided a customer
You find it hard to coordinate quoting for global customers because there is no real-time access to quotes in other regions
A system that moves the entire quote process online
A system that allows constant access to real-time quoting activities companywide
A system that allows you to access information filtered/sorted by customers, regions, part numbers, build locations, and many other ways
A system that allows you to share quotes on a limited access basis with 3rd parties
A system with a low cost of implementation and no installation required
A system that is hosted and maintained FOR you. No new equipment required
Cloud Based System
Exclusive domain with private database and users
Daily backups
24/7 access for all users worldwide
Quickly Create and Send Quotes
Easy to use quote form
Instant access to previously entered data
Duplicate an existing quote to quickly create a new one
Full editing capabilities allow quick modifications
Three User Levels
3rd Party:  Manufacturers - Representatives can access the system to create quotes and view all quotes tagged to their company
3rd Party -    Representatives - Principals can access the system to view the quoting activity on their behalf
Standard – Can create quotes, edit quotes they have created and view all quotes in the system.
Administrator – Can create quotes, view/edit all quotes in the system, create users and handle other adminstrative features.
Captures Key Quote Information
End customer and location if quoting a reseller
Contract manufacturer and location if built by a CEM
Application, Contact, Payment Terms, FOB, ...
Tracks quote status and notes from pending to won or lost
Three notatation fields
Quotation Notes (shows on quote)
Internal Notes (shown only to system users)
Quote Status Notes (shown only to system users)
Flexible Part Number System
Dropdown list of available parts.  Can only quote from a fixed set of part numbers
Free form part number entry.  Allow flexibility to enter any part number
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Find Quotes Easily
Flexible searching capabilities allow you to find what you need FAST
Search and sort by:
Quote Number
Rep or Principal
Customer Name
End Customer
Part Number
Many Others ...
Download filtered lists to Excel
Custom forms and reports to provide data in a format you are accustomed to using
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Fast and Easy Setup
Customizable fields, color schemes and more
Import existing quotations from many formats
You can be up and running in as little as 24 hours
Pay as you go!  LOW monthly subscription fee
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