Effective, Affordable Sales Tools
You represent multiple manufacturers and they each require timely reporting
You have no idea what sales to expect in the next six, nine or twelve months
Your staff has difficulties with timely reporting
You're fed up with piles of papers and emails with no way to manage them
The off-the-shelf project management systems don't quite fit your needs
You've looked into custom solutions but the cost is prohibitive
A system that is designed specifically for Manufacturer Representative companies to track manufacturer opportunities
A system that eliminates the tedious and time consuming manual monthly efforts for reporting to manufacturers
A system that provides real-time access to all of your company’s activity in one online location; accessible by any staff from any location
A system that allows you to see projected commissions by project/manufacturer/part number/…
A system with a low cost of implementation and no installation required
A system that is hosted and maintained FOR you. No new equipment required. Accessible by all staff from any location.
Cloud Based System
Exclusive domain with private database and users
Daily backups
24/7 access for all users worldwide
Detailed Warning System
Dashboard with project notifications
Lets you know when projects need attention letting you focus on PRODUCTION WINS
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Extensive Reporting
Track all of your, or the company’s, activity
Pull data into Excel by a variety of parameter(s)
See projected commissions by project/manufacturer/part number/…
Monthly manufacturer reporting at the “proverbial” click of a button
Easily Create and Manage Project Information:
Contract Manufacturer
Samples Requested/Delivered
Quote Requested/Delivered
Design Split Required/Requested/Received
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Manufacturer Access
Allows to you to provide manufacturer logins
Manufacturers may view real-time project activity for their company ONLY
Fast and Easy Setup
Customizable color schemes
Import existing registrations from many formats
You can be up and running in as little as 24 hours
Sign up today and be promoting to your resellers tomorrow!
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