Effective, Affordable Sales Tools
You receive First Time Buy and other Lead reports in excel format, from multiple sources in multiple formats.
Hours are spent each month just assigning these leads for follow-up. Tracking and reporting this followup takes more valuable time.
Finding specific information is cumbersome at best.
A system that allows you to import your First Time Buy and Lead reports into an easy to use database.
A system that allows constant access to all of your leads.
A system that allows you to track detailed information about your follow-up and know what the opportunity really is.
A system that automatically assigns leads to the appropriate sales people/rep companies based on geography or account
A system that makes reporting your activity a breeze.
A system with a low cost of implementation
A system that is hosted and maintained FOR you. No new equipment required
Cloud Based System
Exclusive domain with private database and users
Daily backups
24/7 access for all users worldwide
Easily Import Data From Multiple Sources
Flexible import system allows uploading of almost any excel file.
Automatically assigns leads to appropriate personnel for follow-up
Alternate import routine available to import data not directly supported.
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Easy To Use Interface
Spreadsheet style interface, Easy to understand and use.
Show/Hide column data with ease.
Filter records by almost anything.
Compound filtering allows you to drill-down to specific leads.
Detailed project information lets you understand each opportunity.
Streamlines feedback reporting to all parties.
Excel Output For Easy Reporting
Generate feedback and opportunity reports quickly and easily.
Quick report filters to generate specific feedback reports for your reps
Customized filters allow for a wide variety of detailed reporting.
Fast and Easy Setup
Customizable fields, color schemes and more
You can be up and running in as little as 24 hours
Pay as you go!  LOW monthly subscription fee
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