Effective, Affordable Sales Tools
Are Inadequate Or Non-Existing Tools Making Your Sales Job Harder?
Still using Word and Excel to manage your company's quotes, samples and design activity?
Wish you had company wide quoting and sampling visibility?
Spend days every month consolidating POS reports and still have trouble reporting?
Looking to implement an approval based design opportunity and sampling system?
Trying to motivate your channel sales partners by providing a design registration program?
Managing Sales, Without The Proper Tools, Is Like Flying Without Training!
Hire A Good Pilot!
Pilot Peak Design provides powerful, affordable, easy to use systems to help manage the challenges of daily sales activities.

Manufacturers can consolidate their Quoting, Sampling and Design Tracking activities.

Manufacturer Representatives can provide a central system for tracking, reporting and managing their companies activities.

Anyone who received POS reports from a variety of sources can benefit from POS Pilot's ability to read in reports from different sources and provide one datasource for all their POS activity.

Turn your First Time Buy reports into a goldmine. Lead Pilot provides the ability to completely understand the leads provided, respond as required, and keep detailed information on each opportunity.

Registration Pilot, Quote Pilot, Sample Pilot, Project Pilot, POS Pilot, and Lead Pilot are customizable programs which allow you an affordable path to decrease the daily busy work and focus on CLOSING BUSINESS.
Online Design Activity Tracking System
Distributors and Reps Can Easily Enter and Edit Registrations
Flexible Approval Process (up to 3 levels)
Automatic Email Notifications of Submissions and Approvals
Track All Your Company's Design Activity In One Place
Online Quotation System
Easily Enter and Send Customer Quotes
Access All Your Company's Quote Activity In One Place
Find Quotes Quickly By Customer, Part Number, Won/Lost, ...
Share Quote Activity With Your Reps or Principals
Online Sample Tracking System
Distributors and Reps Can Easily Enter and Edit Samples
Accept Customer Sample Requests Directly From Your Website
Flexible Approval Process
Automatic Email Notifications of Submissions and Approvals
Track All Your Company's Sample Activity In One Place
Online Project Tracking System
Designed For Manufacturer Representatives
Access All Your Company's Project Activity In One Place
Dashboard Warning System Keeps Focus On CLOSING BUSINESS!
See Projected Revenue/Commissions/Forecasts Anytime
Create All Your Manufacturer Reports In Minutes
Online POS / Commissions Tracking System
End The Hours Spent Every Month Consolidating POS
And/Or Commissions Reports From Different Sources
Easily Import POS Reports From All Your Distributors
And/Or Manufacturers
Automatically Assign Sales People Based On Geograpy Or Account
Have All Your Historical POS Data Available Anytime
Individual Or Mass Editing Capability
Lead Reporting and Tracking System
Import All Your Lead And FTB Reports To One Central Location For Your Team To Access and Update.
Integrate With Project Pilot. Turn Real Leads Into Real Projects.
Easily Provide Feedback To Lead Source. Track Project From Lead To Production.
Automatically Assigns Leads Based On Geography or Account
Create Custom Feedback Reports In Minutes
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